Think No Evil

The truth has no agenda. Holding to the truth without any political or social agenda and with no fear of backlash. There are people worldwide suffering, starving, dying and being tortured by dictators and those who wish to destroy them.

We said "Never Again" following the Holocaust but we stick our heads into the sand when the time comes to act. OUR mission is to end that.

Wait…It just hit me…

The bombings in Damascus just scream “Reichstag fire of 1933” in Germany. This is why history is so important so you can instantly pick out true terrorism from propaganda. 

The Nazi Party burned the the Reichstag (Germany Congress) and blamed it on the “communists” to drive up fear and support for their movement.

The Syrian government bombed its capital to do the same thing but “communist” name has been rubbed out and “terrorist” has been written in its place. For what, support for its eliminationist, murderous crackdown. The fire of Germany was designed to get the German government aligned with Hitler’s vision, the Syrian bombings were designed to, attempt, to get the Arab League aligned with Assad.

This is why history is so important.

  • 24 December 2011
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